Internet of Things (IoT) & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

IoT has now become a house-hold term. In its basic forum, IoT refers to ‘things’ connected to the Internet. The ‘things’ could range from simple sensors, actuators to more complex tiny devices, including smart phones.

Depending upon the use case and the vertical, the IoT devices sense environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. The sensing and actuation results in huge amount of data that is collected and that needs to be communicated to the edge and cloud nodes.

IoT is therefore an ‘end-to-end’ connected ecosystem that includes resource constrained tiny devices on the one end and edge & cloud nodes at the other end of the spectrum.

Industrial IoT extends the IoT paradigm to include various categories of industrial applications including ‘Digital Manufacturing’. Industry 4.0 is an ecosystem that includes diverse technologies and services that enable Smart/Digital Manufacturing.

Thanks to the distributed, heterogeneous devices and the distributed software, security becomes an integral part of any IoT and Industrial IoT deployment.

MindNet Services has deep expertise in the areas of IoT and IIoT.

Our offerings in IoT and IIoT include, but are not limited to:
  • Integrating web pages with IoT
  • Training in IoT and Industrial IoT
    • Industry 4.0
    • Architectures
    • Protocols
    • Security & Privacy issues
    • Metrics & Performance
    • Investigating trade-offs across a wide range of metrics
    • Digital Twin
    • Real-life deployments and prototyping
    • Use cases across wide verticals ranging from Smart Manufacturing to Smart Vehicles
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