Hemanshu Vernenkar

ZenTree Labs, Bangalore

Hemanshu Vernenkar

Hemanshu has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the hi-tech industry. He has led complex Billion+ gate SoC tapeouts at Qualcomm and led customer engagement for Qualcomm’s biggest customers. Prior to Qualcomm, Hemanshu set up the Bangalore physical design organization for Raza Microelectronics, a Bay Area microprocessor startup..

Raza Micro had a successful exit – acquired by Netlogic, which was eventually bought by Broadcom. Prior to this, Hemanshu spent a decade in the US, leading circuit design teams at Kilopass (NVMs), Lattice Semiconductor (FPGAs) and Motorola (SRAMs).

Most recently Hemanshu setup the Middle East operations for Accel funded global edu-tech company Vedantu. He enjoys mentoring and has formally mentored more than 200 students, many of whom are now in senior technical positions in leading semiconductor companies. He is passionate about innovation and has 18 US patents. Hemanshu has an MSEE from Purdue University and an Executive Management Certificate from UT Austin.